Write a Review - Win a Kindle Voyage

Campanile Books (my publisher) is sponsoring a great Kindle giveaway for the holidays... 


WRITE one online review of a Campanile Book to Enter

Rules to Enter Giveaway Contest


Campanile Press is happy to announce a Holiday Giveaway for one new Kindle Voyage* for the holidays! This is Amazon’s new “shockingly good” e-book reader. All you have to do is write and publish one online review and send it to us in the form below byDECEMBER 15.


Campanile Press has picked four of our best performing books, Sinful Folk, Hope Road, Coeur d’Alene Waters and Velocity Math, along with one newly acquired book —Lightfall by Christian Carvajal – and provided links above to the review pages.


Write a posted online review for any of these books — great, good, bad, ugly — send us the link, and we’ll enter you into the Giveaway Contest for a new Kindle Voyage* from Amazon*, which will be mailed on December 15 for arrival before the winter holidays in the United States. (Yes, this contest is limited to residents of the United States.)



Source: http://campanilebooks.com/?page_id=556