Solid Current SF -- the Martian

The Martian - Andy Weir

Great hard science-fiction.

The story of an astronaut who finds himself abandoned on the surface of Mars, and must find a way to survive -- for over a year -- until NASA can discover his survival and can help him get rescued from the Martian surface. Chemistry helps him (imagine making oxygen from rocket fuel and pee); botany helps him (first person to grow potatoes on the Martian surface); and stellar mechanical engineering definitely plays a part (how do you traverse across the surface of Mars for 3200 km -- build yourself a portable bedroom!)

Fantastically detailed survival narrative, cut through by hilarious asides and sarcastic commentary. Great fast writing, fun read, thoughtful insights into what it would really take to survive on Mars.

Not a literary read, but a good fast survival story. Recommended for near-term SF readers.