Everyday Aspergers
Everyday Aspergers



"Everyday Aspergers is an unusual and powerful exploration of one woman's marvelously lived life. Reminiscent of the best of Anne Lamott, Everyday Aspergers jumps back and forth in time through a series of interlocking vignettes that give insight and context to her lived experience as an autistic woman. The humor and light touch is disarming, because underneath the light observations and quirky moments are buried deep truths about the human experience and about her own work as an autistic woman discerning how to live her best life. From learning how to make eye contact to finding ways to communicate her needs to being a dyslexic cheerleader and a fraught mother of also-autistic boys, Samantha Craft gives us a marvelous spectrum of experiences. Highly recommended for everyone to read -- especially those who love people who are just a little different.”


(I write this as someone who loves people who are not just average -- my novel The Eagle Tree is about just such a person.)


The new book by Olympia-based Samantha Craft ( @aspergersgirls ) is EVERYDAY ASPERGERS and I highly recommend this book as a great set of vignettes about life on the spectrum #actuallyautistic http://amzn.to/2a9XzX9

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