Powerful and Prescient -- a Halloween story

Lost Girl - Adam Nevill

 A book review for Halloween...


Lost Girl is a prescient and powerful story of the end of days. In fact, it is a story of the near-future set in a world that is only a minute away by any measure, where climate change-caused immigration and urban uprising have become a critical crisis, and the world is fast falling apart. In the midst of such upheaval, one man must find his missing daughter and confront a risen horror that is taking advantage of the chaos. Adam Nevill is one of the master storytellers, and this is his most incisive story yet.


Lost Girl is the searing novel by Adam Nevill about the all-too-close-to-reality possibilities that await us as the world becomes more crowded, more affected by climate change and less hospitable to humanity. However, it's not just a commentary on our present and fast accelerating condition. Instead, Nevill manages to weave fine touches of horror storytelling into his tale and link this terrible tale to his other works with subtle references as well. As always, masterfully written and astonishingly well crafted. 


Highly recommended, but only if you can keep your eyes open as the darkness rises and rises around you. Powerful stuff: an amazing work by an astounding writer.

Source: http://nednote.com