New Book Endorsement: Brenda Vantrease (Bestselling Author of THE ILLUMINATOR)

The Illuminator - Brenda Rickman Vantrease The Mercy Seller: A Novel - Brenda Rickman Vantrease
I'm excited to announce that Brenda Vantrease, National Bestselling Author of The Illuminator and The Mercy Seller, just endorsed my forthcoming novel Sinful Folk 

Here's what Brenda Vantrease said: 

A pilgrim tale worthy of Chaucer, evocative, Sinful folk Novel Cover compelling and peopled with unforgettable characters artfully delivered by a master storyteller. Be warned: Dress warmly before beginning this perilous journey across a winter-blasted, medieval landscape of fire and ice. Your heart will shiver and not just from the cold.

"I really, really enjoyed reading your excellent novel, Sinful Folk. I wish you much success with this wonderful book. I hope it finds the audience it deserves."

Thanks, Brenda!