fog. mountains. sinful folk.
fog. mountains. sinful folk.

"Fog lifts in the valley, rising as mist through the bare-limbed trees.

Far below lies the deeping combe with our village in the heart of it.

My whole world for nearly a decade has been contained in that place—

and now the village of Duns looks so small. I hold up my hand, form a

circle with my fingers. The distant village, wreathed in mist, seems a

child’s plaything that I can hold in my own hand.


A great fallen yew with nurslings jutting evergreen from its bro- ken body

lies near our path. This is the very place at which I first saw the village

ten years ago. The line of trees here on the ridge is unchanged, as if I

came here only yesterday. I waited in the quiet vale of Duns

far too long."


-- from the novel SINFUL FOLK


PHOTO:  Blue Mountain by renata_souza_e_souza on Flickr.