The Suffering of Peasants

Sinful Folk - Nikki McClure, Ned Hayes

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Sinful Folk, written by Ned Hayes, is a beautiful tale.  It's amazing that the author was able to weave this tale out of a couple of lines from Decanter.  Mear or Merriam is a woman who is forced to flee, with her newborn son.  Fearing for both her life and the life or her child she leaves her high position behind.  Accidentally she becomes a man, and a peasant, hiding in a small village.  The terrible murder of five boys, her son among them, forces Merriam along a journey that threatens to bring all of her secrets to the surface.  This tale is highly emotional, it brings attention to the suffering peasants went through, and their lack of power, as well as their survival is based wholly on the mercy of those in power.  


The suspense is constant, keeping boredom at bay.  My heart strings were pulled tightly throughout this tale; my want for the characters success was intense to say the least.  Sinful Folk is a harrowing look at the dangers and maltreatment peasants endured.  The majority of books I have read that take place in medieval times are based around the nobility.  It's refreshing to read a novel about the peasant class.


I think Sinful Folk can be enjoyed by a wide range of readers.


Thanks, Brittany!