Stunning, Suspenseful, Riveting.... wow, I'm blown away

Sinful Folk - Nikki McClure, Ned Hayes

Wonderful 5 star review from Lori Zalewski on her book review site "Lusty Penguin."


"Sinful Folk is a stunning, suspenseful, and a thoroughly gripping story of historical fiction by Ned Hayes. The author effectively uses actual historical events and masterfully creates a page-turning and emotion-filled journey told through the eyes of the protagonist, Mear. Along with vivid details of the time period, Hayes’s brilliant and rich narrative evokes the atmosphere, people, and history of the Middle Ages, fully immersing the reader in this story."


"An emotional quest for justice with a downright amazing and memorable protagonist make Sinful Folk a riveting story that will haunt you long after reading the last word."


Wow -- thank you, Lori!


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