Faithful Place (Dublin Murder Squad Series #3)

Faithful Place - Tana French Faithful Place is a powerful story that seems to be about being a cop and solving a mystery -- but is really a story that revolves around family and the ties that bind to breaking. Tana French's great gift is getting inside the head of her characters and telling their stories in such a believable and compelling voice that you are willing to go anywhere with her narrator, even into the darkest reaches of their memories and experiences.In this story, French forces her main character -- Frank Mackey -- to re-enter a life he'd tried to leave behind, and events he's never fully understood. The main even that haunts his history -- and that opens the whole book -- is his attempt to run away from home with his youthful love, Rosie. When Rosie never shows up for their midnight rendezvous, Frank runs away anyway on his own, and eventually ends up as a hard-bitten detective on the Dublin Murder Squad.Years later, Rosie's body turns up, and Frank inserts himself back into both his family's life and discovers much he did not know about Rosie and her life experience. Frank unwillingly is forced to confront the demons of his past, and unearth the truth of his family. A really powerful psychological novel that twists and turns in so many directions that by the time the unexpected ending arrived, I was totally enthralled and destroyed by French's powerful narration and her ability to make me believe. If you like psychological fiction that is powerful in a literary way and that really delves into the mysteries of the human heart, this book is for you.