Reunion at the Wetside

Reunion at the Wetside - Alec Clayton "Reunion at the Wetside" is an interesting plunge into not only murder mysteries, but also gay murder mysteries (if there isn't such a sub-genre -- there should be!) The story itself is a hoot, and Clayton brings a variety of characters to life with a lot of verve, humor, and personal insight. I found the mystery part of this novel intriguing, and the idea that someone would specifically target drag queens was fascinating. I also really enjoyed the way that Clayton made wry observations about characters, time, and how life changes people. I was less entranced with the way that Clayton moves blithely in and out of character's heads, losing me a few times with his POV shifts. Clayton can be confusing, but he's often worth it. Overall, a solid effort from Clayton -- and his 5th novel to boot!