American Psycho

American Psycho - Terribly written book without much point. And yes, I'm fine with reading about gore and porn and erotica. This book just made me irritated -- cardboard characters, lots of name brands with no redeeming value, interest, sardonic points or humor. The book is poorly written.Also the book was tremendously boring. (And yes, I read Proust and David Foster Wallace... I handle length or detail). Oh, and shall I point out that the book is full of overly pornographic titillation without much fun, and violence without much action or interest to it. It's basically words in search of anything meaningful. Perhaps that was Bret Easton Ellis's point... but it kind of reminds me of the writer who wanted to describe a boring scene, and just ended up being boring. Sad waste of a good writer's time. * (I read this in 1992 or so, and promptly left it out in the rain. Usually, I'd feel terrible, but this is the only book I've ever "destroyed" and not regretted.)