The 25 Best Websites for Literature Lovers

This is how I spend my days, surfing these fantastic book sites (and many more). Full list behind the link.



The Paris Review Daily

While the print version of this highly respected literary journal only comes out a few times a year, its blog has become a daily hub for readers thanks to a great mix of news roundups, essays, interviews, and more.



3:AM Magazine 

Another great site that has been going strong for over a decade, 3:AM publishes everything from original flash fiction to criticism, and might be the best place on the net to read about modernist and postmodernist literature in the same place.  



HTML Giant

“The internet literature magazine blog of the future” is really the site where you never know what you’re going to get, from weird and random lists to intelligent critiques of big novels and small alt-lit chapbooks alike. 



The Nervous Breakdown

There’s plenty to read on this great lit website, but a highlight is the Self-Interviews series, in which authors ask themselves the tough questions other interviewers are afraid to pose.