"Death to Dinner": Author Interview

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 It would be interesting to have the following characters to dinner... Chava the Golem from Helene Wecker's wonderful new novel The Golem & the Jinni, along with Sirius Black, from the Harry Potter books -- my favorite Rowling character -- along with Neil Gaiman's young female "Death" from the Sandman graphic novels (the sister of "Dream," who shepherds us all out of this life), and finally I'm cheating a little bit by inviting Jane Austen herself... but she is a character in various contemporary stories (like Becoming Jane) as well as a writer herself. (With this assortment of characters, I'm not sure that any of us would survive the evening though!) "



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Sinful Folk Cover
Ned Hayes is the author of the forthcoming SINFUL FOLK, a novel set in the 14th century. He is also the author of Coeur d'Alene Waters, a historical mystery novel set in the Pacific Northwest. He is now at work on two more historical novels, Garden of Earthly Delight, also set in the Middle Ages, and A Mercy Upon Us.