Great Historicals - review

Sinful Folk - Nikki McClure, Ned Hayes

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Great Historicals

"This book is definitely making quite a stir in the historical fiction community, and after reading it, I can see why. First, it is a gripping tale about a mute named Mear whose son was one of five young boys/men burned in a house fire that was deliberately set. Second, Mear is actually a woman, hiding from her secret past. And third, this is a marvellous whodunnit filled with twists and turns and plenty of medieval brutality.

Beautifully written, the author has weaved a brilliant tale that leaves the reader guessing to the very end chapters. Lovely first person narrative, rich descriptions, and a cast of colorful, unforgettable characters enthralled me from start to finish.

If you like a good mystery set in a fascinating historical era with plenty of heart-wrenching, emotional, and mysterious scenes, then this is one book not to miss. Definitely worth reading. I highly recommend it to everyone! Pick it up and give it a try - you'll see why everyone is raving about it."