Book Quote: Sinful Folk


       ”Spring grew into summer. Nell’s secret thyme beds and her mint were deep in the woods, out by the chuckling stream that disappeared underground.


       She danced in the sunlight and the shade. She gathered plants she needed every day, but it was as a child who gathers flowers in May, setting them in bundles, choosing with caprice, singing to them, naming each plant and leaf with fondness. Even watching her a moment, my spirits lifted. All through that year, the days were dappled light and grand. Nell whispered and giggled in my ear, like a small child. “Come,” she said, on a sudden. “Let us dance!” And she whirled me around like a dervish in the woods, laughing, giggling, carefree as any child. “


        — from the forthcoming novel Sinful Folk




PHOTO SOURCE: from-the-roots-to-the-sky — via Beauty in Everything - Photography